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The WaffleIron

Serving up steaming hot Amazon Warehouse deals, all day everyday.

The most sophisticated real-time Amazon Warehouse deal streamer.

Configure filters, sit back, and watch the deals scroll by.

Receive real-time notifications on huge price drops and save big!

Setup emailed price alerts so you never miss out on a deal.


The same amazing Amazon Warehouse deals, simplified.

Set your savings threshold and search by keyword to find amazing Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Configure emailed price alerts so you never miss out on a deal.


Amazon Warehouse prices are constantly changing. We track them like no one else.


Purchase the item directly from Amazon.com


We only list FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) items, most of which are eligible for 2-day shipping.


Bask in the jealousy of your friends and family when they ask what you paid.

Check out a small sample of the recent Amazon Warehouse deals:

Ready to find your own deals?

WaffleIron Live or WaffleIron Lite

The WaffleTracker

In-Stock Alerts for Amazon.com Items

Sick of missing out on today's hottest items because they're out of stock? Let The WaffleTracker alert you as soon as an item is back in stock at Amazon.com!

Fast Track:

Recently Tracked Items:


We love Node.js

There's a reason why huge companies like WalMart and PayPal use Node.js - It's scalable, modern, and easy to work with. Package management is a breeze using npm, and odds are someone has tackled whatever feature you're looking to adopt and has made it freely available.

Node.js is our preferred language when it comes to modern, streaming applications. It makes creating a two-way real-time stream with the user incredibly easy via packages such as Primus, but we're happy to work within whatever language your project needs.

New Tools

We've launched a couple new tools today!

The WaffleIron is our answer to the age-old question of "How did you get that so cheap?". Around here, our answer is almost always "The Amazon Warehouse." This app monitors the Amazon Warehouse and streams the price changes to your browser. Insanely addictive and wallet-friendly!

Speaking of Amazon - Are you sick of always missing out on the hottest toy? Check out The WaffleTracker.

Just paste any amazon link and give it your email. When the product is in stock, you'll receive an alert. Christmas is saved!

About WaffleTech

We're a team of developers who love to create awesome things.

Our primary focus is web-based real-time streaming applications and data aggregation / correlation.

Full-stack? Heck yes.

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